Sunny Monday Writing

It's a beautiful Monday morning here in NJ, with none of the promised fog and all of the promised warmth.

I'm typing away, being good and doing the work I'm supposed to (though not right now, of course. Right now I'm rebelling...) but all the time, at the back of my head, I know I'm thinking way more about the stories than the articles I should be focusing on.

Plot lines. Word choice. Chapter breaks. Character names...

Maybe I'm just bad at multi-tasking. Maybe I'm making excuses to be lazy and have fun.

I like to think that it's because the one thing I want to do most in the world has been filling my head for days now, and you can't just turn that off.

So here's a Monday thought for you. Writers write, even when they're not holding a pen. Or typing on a keyboard. Or seem to be doing anything, really. They really do.

Now, watch this, for it is good.

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