Kreativ Blogger Award / Super Race of Penguin Ducks

Chuffed to say that PLOTTYPUS has got its second blog award, via the wonderful route of blogger-pal Kelsey (who seems to be doing very well at this blogging / writing / being successful malarky!). Seems that to wear this badge with pride, I have to share ten interesting tidbits about me. Pretty sure I can do that! And so, on an unusual Thursday post, I present ...

Ten Very Interesting Factoids and Fantasies about Mr S. P. Clark

  1. Last year I lived on three continents. Not at the same time, of course, but for various parts of the year. Japan / UK / USA, if you're interested. 
  2. Following on from above - I speak Japanese. Does that count as interesting? Probably. It's a fun language. I'm especially good at Kindergarten level toilet humour. Seriously.
  3. I do not like emery boards. I HATE them. I hate touching 'em, and being near m'wife when she's using one. Bleh. It's like a very, very lame version of kryptonite. 
  4. I'm supposed to be allergic to milk. Not lactose, but the protein in cow milk. I mostly ignore this because I love pizza, though.
  5. I'm pretty snazzy on a Diabolo. I learned one summer in France. I can make it go really high.
  6. My favourite book is hard to say, but my favourite author is probably David Almond. Read him!
  7. I play piano and drums and vio-. That's like a violin, but only half, 'cause I'm pretty bad. The piano is good though - I never learned to read music and just play by ear. One or two times hearing a tune is normally enough for me to copy it. I'm like a parrot! A piano parrot! A... piarot?
  8. I used to be a member of the Labour Party. Then I realised I hated politicians and stopped. Sometimes they still call me, but I hide behind the sofa until they go away.
  9. I have seen pretty much no movies. All the classics that people love = nope. My wife despairs, I'm pretty sure. I still hold that before the invention of colour, movies were only good for keeping away the plague or the Visigoths or whatever else existed back then. Colour movies, I'm willing to watch, even if they're still old. 
  10. Lastly ... I think penguins and ducks are cool. My dream is that one day penguins and ducks will cross to create a super race of very waterproof, flying beauties who will taste delicious and look funny when they fall over. 
Hope this has been educational!

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