A MONSTER CALLS Carnegie / Kate Greenaway Medals

A quick, rarer Thursday post today, to celebrate the fantastic news that Patrick Ness has won the Carnegie Medal for A MONSTER CALLS - which also won the Kate Greenaway Medal for its illustrations.

The Guardian Books Announcement

You can see the book trailer just a few posts down (Or here if you're that lazy!). My wife and I are working through the audio book, as read by Jason Issacs, whenever we're in the car together - which, as it so happens, we will be today. A lot. I am so glad for this, and find myself suddenly wishing for heavy traffic jams / perhaps some roadworks, to help us get through more of the story.

Congratulations to Patrick and Jim Kay for this great, great book.


  1. How are you liking it? It looks incredibly spooky!

  2. It's not spooky, actually - the Monster is a kind of Green Man character, using stories to explain the world. And I'm enjoying it a lot - I do recommend.