Gnu Poem

I bought a gnu.

'Well, what a to do!' said my mother, who stood there and stared at it.

'What's it to you if I buy a gnu? It's me, and not you, who's cared for it.'

'Very rum thing,' said my dad with grin. 'A gnu's not a beast to take lightly.'

But there's lots you can do if you've got a gnu, and I clung to him ever more tightly

My childhood friends flew when they saw my gnu and me coming to pay them a call.

'It's not that we care, per se. Just can't be there today.' That was their stance, one and all.

There's quite a nice view from atop a gnu, and they move at remarkable speed.

So I bought a gnu, and now that's what I do. What more in life could I need?

Have a great weekend one and all! 



  1. If you replace "gnu" with "wildebeest" it's just not the same...

  2. Many thanks, Susan! And Ashley, no, clearly this is true. Why would you want to replace gnu? You wouldn't, that's what.