Book Giveaway Competition: EXTENDED

The other day I made the rash announcement on Twitter that 400 followers would be enough to prompt a book giveaway. Now, it’s never been about the numbers for me, but at the same time it’s fun to mark writerly milestones.

It’s even more fun to share some of my favourite writers and their books. In fact, that’s probably the best part of all.

Well, turns out I should be careful what I say. With a few retweets from fellow writers, the target was met. And I’m thrilled! Interacting with more readers, writers, and generally fun, creative people is an enormous pleasure. I’m sure the numbers on Twitter will go up and down a bit more, and at the time of you reading this I might have only 4 followers, who are all my mum. 

But hey – BOOKS!

I’m a man of my word, me. Well, a man of many words (Hur hur. See, ‘cause I’m a writer. See? Heh).

So, let’s give some books away.

It only seemed right to me to give out SKELLIG, by David Almond, the first time I did this. It’s probably the one book that’s had the largest impact on my writing life. Almond’s style is simply beautiful; stunning and minimalist and haunting, and his tales are phenomenal. If I can introduce anyone to this book, I've done my job. 

To contrast this – this book I read years ago, and have spent years loving – it seemed fun to also give away the last book I read and loved. That’s Lev Grossman’s THE MAGICIANS. Think Harry Potter meets Narnia, for adults. And, honestly, that’s pretty much it. I read this and its sequel one after the other and I already wish there were a third.

So, easy competition! They'll be new, paperback editions. Whether you're in the UK, the U.S., or any other country, it doesn't matter to me. 

1st Prize - Both these amazing books
2nd Prize - Skellig
3rd Prize - The Magicians

Just leave a comment on this post to enter

I’ll leave it open until 23.59 EST, Thursday 25th October Friday 26th and then I’ll be all old fashioned and put the names in a hat. Share this competition on Twitter and I’ll put your name in twice – what larks. Use the hashtag #BooksFromSimon so I can follow along.

Nothing too serious or complicated. It’s mostly being done as a ‘thank you’ to the community and, as I said, as a convenient way to shove my favourite books into other people’s lives.

Good luck!


  1. Me want book! [How's that for minimalist and haunting?]

  2. Of course I'll enter! Who doesn't want free books!?! You're awesome, Si! :D