Hurricane Sandy's A-Comin'

Hello all!

Well, NJ and the rest of the Eastern Seaboard is braced for Frankenstorm. Thankfully where I live is far enough from the coast to avoid the storm surge and high enough to avoid flooding. The quite likely loss of power, though, is a more interesting problem.

Our bookshelves now play host to a (temporary) indoor garden. I think it looks rather fetching, actually.

At first the thought of being stuck inside for a couple of days with no power seemed almost romantic. Of course I realise the realities of power failures - hospitals, the elderly, shops, etc., will all suffer. But with so much of my day job requiring the use of computers, an instant, catch-all excuse to get off work and stay home does seem like the perfect excuse to spend more time writing.

Writing by candlelight in an old journal? There's something to be said for it, certainly. But already - before any power cuts are even a reality, before I write a word - I start dreading what comes after.

Typing up my hand written notes.

I know I speak for myself, and not others, when I say this, but ... one of the reasons I avoid writing by hand so much is because I find transferring all of that to the computer so frustratingly slow.

I know it can act as an initial edit.
I know that my style changes when I write with a pen / pencil.
I even know that computers are making us worse spellers.

Mostly, though, I know how annoying I find it to do.

Still, the hurricane is here, and already outside is looking pretty grim. Prayers for all those in its path. Stay safe, help each other out, and (for those writers out there) if you take this chance to write without our computer, I hope you fare better than me.


  1. I'm in the Northern CT area. We evacuated the shoreline, Hartford is practically closed and the Governor just shut down all highways. 15K without power and counting. Looks like I'll be writing by candlelight in the not too distant future!

  2. That many without power already? Good grief. By candlelight it is, then! I plan to wear long white shirts and be Byronic, possibly go and haunt the stairs. It's gonna be fun.