Always Keep Going

My usual blogging schedule has been off for a few days. After Sandy took out our power I was without my laptop - and even once it was returned, there's been much to do. The coast around here - areas called Union Beach and Keyport especially - and Staten Island in NYC have been devastated. That's not too strong a word to use. I've visited those three areas in person, and will be going back this weekend.

Naturally, I encourage anyone reading this to either donate financially, or through giving the most needed food and goods. I leave it up to you to work out what that means, and which charities, if any, you feel comfortable getting behind.

NaNoWriMo is in full swing, now! But not for me. It might sound like a cop out excuse, but the lack of power at the beginning, and the sudden pressure on my time, means I'm not really in a state to do it.

But I wanted to offer a small encouragement to those who are.

Two years ago, living in Japan, I did NaNoWriMo. It was a book I'd had the idea for for a long time, but it had just sat there, gaining dust and slowly growing. NaNo gave me the impetus to get down to it, and the community to drive me forward.

That book is now agented and on submission, right now, to publishers in the U.S. and the UK. So what's my point?


It can happen. The frustration and the edits are worth it. Ditto the late nights and the moments when you're convinced that no one - in all history - has written such a piece of trash, that this plot couldn't ever have made sense - what were you thinking? - and that you might as well quit.

Don't quit. Don't.

Write, write, write. Write because you can, and because if no one else in the entire world believes in this book, you should. You're the one to write it. And you never know what the future holds.

Heck, I live in the U.S. now. I lived through the March 2011 earthquake in Japan and now I lived through Superstorm Sandy in New Jersey. Who knows what's yet to come?

Believe. Write. Live.

I don't want this to sound like a load of trite pick me ups and meaningless platitudes. But I know how frustrating writing can be, and I know that sometimes we need others to point out what we're aiming for. Your book can happen, if only you write it. So go on. Do it. Write!


  1. Thanks for the inspiring post! And best of luck as you recover from Sandy. I know that some of the wreckage is just unbelievable.

  2. Hope it helps. As for Sandy - as ever, we will rebuild.