AW January Blog Chain - Thirteen / The House

The House

There was a thirteenth month.

Not that he was ever invited. It had been agreed, long ago and by some common consent, that he would stay away. It was best for all, it was thought. Especially for the young ‘uns.

‘He's trouble,’ said December, rough and old, his beard of twigs. ‘Mark my words. Best kept away. Hmph.’
‘Oh, yes, pet,’ said September, a thin, skittish woman in a pale blue dress. Her arms, covered in silver bracelets, always seemed too thin, somehow. 

October grunted. He rarely spoke. June and July giggled in the corner and whispered, their shoulders bare and shaking as they gossiped. They were young and silly, easily offended

‘You know, he might come this year,’ said February. He blew smoke across the room, white tendrils in the sunlight. Eleven faces turned to him. He shrugged and stubbed out his cigar.
‘What? What’s that?’ said December.
‘I heard rumours. He might come, is all.’
April smiled. January slapped her hand. 
‘And how would he know where to come?’ asked December. ‘Pah. Rubbish!’

February nodded, just once.

‘He could,’ said November. ‘If he wanted. You think he couldn't?  The House of the Meeting of the Months – that’s what this place is. Don’t forget the old names. And he is a –‘
‘He’s not,’ said March. ‘He left, long ago.’

October clicked his tongue.

‘You see?’ said December. ‘Trouble. Even when he’s not here he’s upsetting the order and the young ‘uns and … and things.’
‘You’re so right, darling,’ cooed September. 

They were silent, those who had come to the House. Outside a bird sang. Outside a car raced. 
‘In my land,’ said August, placing an empty glass of scotch on the table, ‘I heard whispers. That he is moving. That he’s back.’
‘And what land is that, love?’ asked September, smiling, showing teeth. She winked at April. Her bracelets jingled as she moved. 
‘Don’t patronize me…’ said August.
‘Oh, I’m just having a bit of fun,’ said September, holding up her hands in mock surrender. ‘You have a very nice land, so full of … well, whatever the weather’s like in August.’
‘You know full well what August is like,’ said January. ‘Intolerable woman.’
‘Well, you are.’
‘And what is January?’ spat September. ‘Blandness and new nothings! Oh, yes! Very nice, I don’t think.’
‘Quiet!’ said October in a voice of smoke and iced. The room was silent. 
‘He’s here,’ he said, and he turned away, bored.
The door knocker sounded, once, twice. June whimpered. February laughed. 
‘So he’s really here,’ said March. ‘He’s still alive, after all.’
Outside, someone scuffed their feet.
‘Hmph!’ said December. ‘Thinks he can just –‘
‘You have to open the door,’ said someone, and afterwards no one could quite say who. ‘You know the rules. He found the House. That gives him the right. He has to come in. The right of entrance. You know that.’

There was the just the slightest of pauses.

'Yes,’ said December. ‘Yes.’
Even he would never question this. Some rules change, can be questioned, can be broken. Some do not, cannot, must not. He grasped the handle, a well polished brass, turned golden by years – by centuries -  of use. The door swung open. The man stepped in. 

There is a thirteenth month.

For some there always has been. 


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  1. How fantastic! I love this! Store this away for a longer form, yeah?? I want a novel about the 13th month! :D

    1. Glad you liked it. I suppose the adventures of the thirteenth month could be a fun story...

  2. Very clever! I really like this--and I agree. I would like to see a longer version of this with the thirteenth month raising all kinds of havoc with the rest. Global warming could very well be his fault messing with the seasons and all. This has great possibilities, I think.

  3. Cool. A story about how the thirteen month got kicked out would be fun. Or about how he gets reinstated. ^_^

  4. I like the personalities you've given to the different months. I can totally see how they reflect the time of year they come from.


  5. Great job matching personalities to the different months, that was an excellent touch. Most enjoyable!!

  6. Very creative! I really enjoyed this. I want to know more about this mystery month. :)

  7. I really liked it. Very cleverly done ... I really want to know what the thirteenth month is now.

  8. Interesting. I wonder what season the 13th month belongs to.

  9. Neat idea! The months are well-personified, and with an average of 12.41 lunar cycles in a year, they can never fully make do without a 13th month :)

    I would say, though, that the formatting could use a little tinkering. Rather than single-spacing between paragraphs, I'd leave two. It's easier on the eyes internetwise.