Back! Books! Biography! Blogging!

Merry 2013 to all who read this. I am now safely back in NJ, USA after a brilliant two weeks in England and Wales.

Travelling always means more time for reading, and with Christmas adding quite significantly to my reading pile I feel like I've had quite a book-ish fortnight. Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter's THE LONG EARTH was a surprisingly clever read (and not a comedy) and I'd recommend it for the ideas alone. That they're executed so convincingly is just testament to these two great writers. Next to be read is Alan Garner's BONELAND - the final part of the trilogy. Described pretty much universally as 'long awaited' (The Guardian reviews it here) I'm looking forward, albeit with some hesitation. He's a brilliant writer, but it's a lot to live up to after such a long time.

Other unexpected gifts from family included Terry Pratchett's collection of short stories, A BLINK OF THE SCREEN, Stephen King's ON WRITING, and plenty more not mentioned here. All in all, a fantastic haul sure to keep me busy.

So, yes. England was busy but fun. Continuing the theme of literary tourism, we visited Samuel Johnson's house in Lichfield (if you're an English major and you don't know who he is, shame on you) and then the village of Hay-on-Wye in Wales - the bookshop capital of Britain, don't ya know. Both places I would happily go back to. Especially as the birthplace museum had a fun dressing up box with three-cornered hats. What isn't made better by three-cornered hats? Nothing, that's what. Great times.

Also popped by Shrewsbury Abbey, and my wife and I have recently started watching Cadfael avec Derek Jacobi. 

A very wordy beginning to 2013, then. Met with my agent in London to discuss books and plans. Still have the Modern Grimmoire anthology to look forward to - I'm supposed to send biographical details back to them soon. Intend to lie to make myself seem more interesting. 

Good to be back here, blogging away. Here's to a whirlwind of a year, with books, and stories, and creativity for all.



  1. I love On Writing! Such a great book. Enjoy!

    1. Ah, great. Yeah, it looks pretty interesting and down to earth, which is a bonus