Write On

Revising is a funny thing.

You go over words you know so well, but you change them, make them better, try to cut away the bits that don't work.

And sometimes the story has to change, too. Entire scenes need to go, or be added. Characters change their minds, or their reasons, or they don't get away with quite so much.

I'm revising tonight, as you can see. I have Domo-kun to keep me company, and various other knick knacks and books.

Sometimes it can be helpful to remember why we put in all this effort late in the night.

For me, it's because good books - great books - had such an impact on my life. Have such an impact.

David Almond's Skellig. Alan Garner. Philip Pullman. Michael Morpurgo and Kensuke's Kingdom. They meant a lot to me.

And I'd love to think that one day I can have books out there, too, trying - just trying - to do the same.



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    1. Thank you. I expect great things from you, this year!

  2. Great post! I try to remind myself when I'm up at 1am working on my WIP and have to be up in 5 hours for the day job - I have to do this exhausting work now so that I can one day do it all the time ;)