March Update

Good Thursday to you all.

Many things going on at the moment, so time for a catch up.

Firstly, it's March now, and I'm taking part in what will be my fifth Absolute Write Blog Chain. The prompt - the one thing which will unite all the participants' stories - is : What the leprechaun said. It's in honour of St Paddy's Day, and I've actually been practically uber-productive and finished mine well in advance. Edits aside, it's good to go up here. Can't wait to share it with you - it's a fun, odd little story.

Speaking of stories, the final proofs for THE STORYTELLER'S JIG came, got my blessing, and went - along with the bio page and contents page. Now that's all official, I've nothing more to do until publication. A strange feeling, having a story out in the world being cared for by someone else. I've published on this blog, of course, and shared stories in various formats over the years, but having one fly out and really, truly be public is a thrill I hope to get more and more as time goes on. Counting down till publication day in May.

Speaking of thrills and expectations, later this month - around the 18th - the first in a series of blog posts I'm doing for The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook will go up. All the information will be available there shortly, but I'm really looking forward to this : the Yearbook was a big part of my becoming an author (as I wrote about here) and to now e collaborating with them is a real dream come true. Shows you what can change in a few years, I suppose. Not even sure the had a website when I first bought my first copy (in a bookshop which is now, I'm sad to say, gone. So many independent bookshops are nowadays.)

Anything else? My second novel, THE STORY BOY, is with my agent, and when I have her input back I'm sure there'll be Things To Do. And in all this, the seeds of a new book entirely are growing. It's an idea I've discussed briefly with a couple of people, and I think it might have some potential. It will be good to get back into a full book again.

So, yes. Busy March - but a busy-in-a-nice-way-so-I'm-not-complaining kind of a feeling. How about you - what writing are you up to this month? Let me know in comments!

Picture credit: Daffodils 2 by zebble


  1. Sounds like March is being kind to you! Congrats on your books! I'm gearing up for a release in April and can't wait :)

    1. Thank you, and congratulations on the upcoming release!