What Are My Dreams, And What Will They Be?

People have dreams. Some are loud and in-your-face about it. Some are quiet and secretive. Both of these are fine - but all people have dreams. Whether they believe in them, shun them, chase them, or deny them is a different matter - and an individual person's life is made up of a web of webs, an eternal circle of interconnecting people, places, events, and thoughts that make them unique and their situation special.

That's why you can't judge someone else's dreams or what they're doing about them without accepting that you're probably wrong anyway and you aren't seeing the big picture.

Sure, no man's an island, but that doesn't mean we're not, in the end, the sole inhabitant of that island who really, truly knows what's what.

For a long time I've only had two main goals. I wanted to travel - in particular, to Japan - and I wanted to become an author. I wanted a book, for children, that I'd written, to be out there in shops with my name on it.

And now that's happening - though there's still so much to do - and I lived in Japan for three and a half years, and the thought strikes me: I should make some new goals.

Not because I'm done with my old ones at all. Travel never ends, and there are many, many places I have not been to. As for the book, it's one book, and it's more than a year away, and there are more books and more stories to tell.

But I'm a firm believer in having impossible things as your goals in life, because impossible things make you strive a lot more.

There's a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic that I really like:

It's a nice idea - the constantly reaching out and defining and changing who we are. So while I want to build upon being a writer, an author, and I want to move around the world, I also want to have goals which are secret and hidden because the seem so off the wall loony and ridiculous that if I share them, people will just shake their heads and smile. Then, bit by bit, I can work on them, and explore more of time and space - which, really, is what people do.

Travelling and writing are my ongoing dreams, but I feel excited right now because I'm settling on my future dreams. What do I want out of life - what do I want to have done, in ten - twenty - fifty years' time and be able to look back and remember this time right now, when it seemed so far away?

These are my thoughts right now, when everything is changing and so many things seem possible.

My goals, they are a-changing.

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