Summer's Edge and Summer's Double edge - Two New Collections from EBP

Happy Friday, all.

A busy week, and I've been a bit remiss at blogging, but that'll sort itself out soon enough. Right now, I want to celebrate / look forward to Elephant Bookshelf Press' two upcoming anthologies celebrating all things fleeting about relationships, Summer's Edge and Summer's Double Edge. They're coming out on Monday (July 15) and are going to be great.

These two anthologies, related but not necessarily required to be read together, are the latest in EBP's seasonal collections. First there was Spring Fevers, which brought together 'tales of relationships in their varied states: Love~ requited and unrequited~ friendships discovered and lost, family in its many guises, and the myriad places in between.' Then The Fall, a bunch of stories that explored all things apocalyptic. Now, Summer's Edge,  which had as its inspiration simply 'the short term relationship.'

There'll be a lot more than break up stories and romance here, believe me. Each anthology brings twelve / thirteen different authors together, and lets their imaginations run riot. I've shared a few samples from my story Octopus Rules (in the first anthology, Summer's Edge) before, but all I'll say at this point is it involves a stranger, a ghost, a traveler, and someone whose name you don't need to know. I'm really excited to read the other stories, and hope you might be too.

EBP is a young company run almost entirely, it seems, on Matt's passion for good stories. Give them your support and who knows what the future holds? More books, certainly, and hopefully more writers getting work out there, finding new readers, and making and sharing art.

When they're out, I'll let you know. But, y'know - it's Monday. So, soon.

For now, troops - have a great weekend.

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