We Are One Four and Other Shenanigans

I have been a busy bee lately, and the blog's been somewhat ignored. Woops.

Let's just jump right into the most exciting news: We Are One Four!

We Are One Four is a new group of authors, all with debuts coming out in 2014. We're a mixed bunch, but all of our books are either young adult or middle grade. There's romance, horror, and everything in between, and the group will be growing over the next year as more writers come and build it with us. The whole thing's organized through http://www.weareonefour.com/, and you can find us on Twitter as @WeAreOnefour. The idea is to keep readers up-to-date with the latest news and goings on, and help to build a great community of people who love books, love new books, and want to get to know us writers. 

You can find out more about the other writers here: http://www.weareonefour.com/authors.

On the topic of other writers (and, in fact, fellow WAOF'ers), a very interesting video went up on YouTube today. Kelsey Macke (who has an interview on this very blog) is an artists / musician / writer / YouTuber / all round good egg, and her book deal was announced with much fanfare because she's writing and producing an album to go with it

That's talent, right? Well, not enough for Kelsey.

Turns out her book, Damsel Distressed (coming October 2014 from Spencer Hill Contemporary) will be illustrated, and those illustrations will have QR codes that lead to pages on the book's website with music and other content. 

How cool is that?

Not cool enough for Kelsey, who announced today that a new competition is being launched to design Damsel Distressed's cover.

She's mental.

If I had design skills, I might be tempted - but as it is, I'm very good at drawing clouds and porridge, and beyond that it all gets a bit ... uncomfortable. But do check out the competition site linked above - seeing a book become such a community project is inspiring and daunting, and though I haven't asked Kelsey yet, I'm sure she's at least a little nervous letting other people play with her story.

Books - they are evolving, eh?

Further updates on my own stories to come. Happy Friday, guys. 


  1. Thank you again for writing this little spot, Simon, and also for being such a great friend in the trenches. :D

    1. No problem. We'll get our stuff out there...