Stone Crowns Magazine # 2

Happy Monday, all.

Happy to share that a short story I wrote, Billy McGuire's Faerie, was published this week in Issue 2 of Stone Crowns Magazine. You can download it by clicking that link or by going to www.stonecrowns.com.

Stone Crowns Magazine is a free literary magazine specifically for Young Adult readers. You can download is for mobile or laptop (free, remember?) and check out some of the great stories and artwork from up-and-coming writers. It's great to see a magazine aimed solely at children's fiction, and I'm looking forward to seeing future editions take off.

'Billy McGuire's Faerie' is also the first story of mine to have original artwork published alongside it, and I'm thrilled by the whole thing. It's odd to see something I made up, something that's only been in my head, suddenly there on the page, but it's also pretty magical.

Want to know what it's all about? Issues 1 and 2 of Stone Crowns Magazine are available now from http://www.stonecrowns.com/

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