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I've been ignoring the blog, I know. Sometimes it seems silly - sharing things that aren't important with people who aren't interested - but it's a good place to organize thoughts and keep track, if only for myself.

It's been a busy few weeks. I've been copyediting Eren for the last few days - one of the last stages of the editing process, but one that requires close reading and answering awkward questions from very perceptive critics (questions like 'Are daisies always white? Can notes be 'misty'? Do English kids say 'dude'?). I've called editing the 'grunt work' of being an author, and it's true. Still, that's done now, and Eren takes another baby step closer to being a Book.

It was my 28th birthday last week (contrary to reports by The Bookseller and C&R, who have both prematurely called me 28 for unknown bookworld reasons). My wife got us tickets to see An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer in NYC, which was amazing and beautiful and surprising and fun. Neil read poems, short stories, and part of his new Dr Who story, and also sang, which seemed to scare him a bit. Amanda Palmer's skill on the piano continues to amaze me. A fantastic evening with great people.

I also (of course) got many new and exciting books, the highlight so far being David Almond's new collection of stories, Nesting. Can't wait to jump in and hear his familiar voice weaving its magic.

Then there was Thanksgiving (I gave Thanks, among other things, for my publisher) and my sister visiting and normal life to keep going - but it's calmed down now, and I'm going to try to be better on here. And also, you know, to write more stories.

New Book is taking shape. Right now it's daunting, like looking up a mountain and thinking how impossible it is to ever get to the top, even though I know I've done it before. Still, things will happen.

Also, go and see Kat Ellis' new cover for her debut Blackfin Sky. It is beautiful.

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