Time to Wrap Up - 2013

It's been a good, good year for me. A lot of things happened. Three of my stories are already out there (The Storyteller's Jig, Octopus Rules, and Billy McGuire's Faerie) and more are to come - 2013 was the year I signed my book contract with Constable & Robinson. Eren will hit stores next year, and there is a lot to do before then. (My editor, Sarah, is an amazing person and I stand in awe of the entire C&R team).

In many ways this has been the year I really understood what Twitter was for. Instead of saying things, I listened, took in links, asked questions, and made friendships. Earlier in the year Writers' & Artists' Yearbook asked me to do a series of posts about writing, which was daunting and inspiring in about equal measure. I co-founded We Are One Four, which has really yet to come into its own. Just you wait till 2014, though...

I started 2013 in Wales, in a small village where the pub didn't have Wi-Fi because someone had stolen the password. You can't make this stuff up, but you can cherish those memories forever. We lit fireworks looking down over a damp Welsh valley (my wife, from New Jersey, had never lit one before, and was very brave). Since then I've been to Canada for the first time, been skydiving in Pennsylvania, had a mad one day adventure in Virginia, and read a lot of books.

Wales - Grunge by tonemapped
These flags are cool. Check out the artist - Tonemapped

I saw Neil Gaiman twice (I met him once) and Tweeted a few times with David Almond (a highlight every time it happens).

And so, yes, a good year. 2014 will bring its own highs and lows (a trip to England to see my sister get married, Eren's publication day, and who knows what else).

Books and stories are playing an increasingly large part of my life, and for that I'm eternally thankful.

My To-Be-Read pile still looms dangerously large.

Happy Christmas and New Year, everyone. 


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