New Posts, a Bookshop, and Blackfin Sky

I owe the world a brief update. 

After the First Tale was published - and while the Second Tale is being worked on - the blog over on Eren Tales has been updated a bit. I can't wait for the new story to go up later this month. Hopefully, you'll read it. Even more hopefully, you'll like it. I know Brandon has some great ideas for the photo to accompany it.

I have another piece up on Writers & Artists! It's called The Vital Importance of the Adventurous Life and is pretty much all my thoughts on living and experiencing life and channeling that into your writing. Give it a read and let me know what you think.
Finally, yesterday saw the launch of My Independent Bookshop, a new joint project between Hive and Penguin Random House. It's basically a way of showcasing your favourite books in your own online 'shop', with the added twist that a portion of the profits made from any purchases goes to an independent bookshop of your choice. I spent a happy few minutes setting up my own, Simon's Transmovable Bookorium, and selected Foyles, in Bristol, to benefit from any sales. Mostly it's a great way to be nosy and see which books other people have chosen - Terry Pratchett's on there, for example - and, hopefully, start building a new community that feeds back into real-world shops.

We'll see, I guess.

That, for now, is it. I'm reading an ARC of Kat Ellis' BLACKFIN SKY at the moment and can tell you, in an exclusive and top-secret spoiler, that it is very good. It's available for pre-order now. Kat's site is here: http://www.katelliswrites.com/ (She also has a spiffy book trailer up - click here to watch)