The Second Eren Tale Is Here - Win a Copy of Eren

Exciting things have been happening.

Nightmare - the second of the twelve Eren Tales short stories - is now published. If you want to read it, and see the artwork my friend Brandon Rechten came up with, just click here, or visit erentales.com

While you're there, have a look at the Eren Tales blog, where we're running a competition to win an advanced copy of Eren. Anyone can enter, and it's running for the next two weeks, so go - go! - now's your chance to see what I'm been harping on about for the last year and a half!

And ... that's it. Enjoy the tale, and keep watching for the next ones. Six are coming out before Eren's hardback publication in September, with the other six leading up to paperback publication. If you like words and stories and dark tales and mystery, they should be right up your street.


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