Monster - the Ninth Eren Tale

Blogging and updating is going to be a bit patchy over the next few weeks, due mostly to the fact I'm moving back to the UK in less than a fortnight. It's an exciting time - and I'm certainly looking forward to getting more involved in the UK book world - but right now, there's a lot to do, and it's eating into writing time quite a lot.

Still, some things are important, so instead of packing or organizing my life, I'm happy to be able to share the latest Eren Tale. Behold!

There's just three more tales to go now, and at the end (if I've got the timing right), the UK paperback of Eren will be out. If you've not been keeping up, the Eren Tales are a series of short stories and artwork meant to compliment the book without giving any spoilers. The art's all done by Brandon Rechten, who is a darn clever fellow, and you can read all the stories for free on www.erentales.com.

That's it, really. Read, enjoy, and - if you like it - share it around.